As I sit here in total darkness at 6:45 PM watching the snow flurries, I consider the strangeness that is my life.

This morning in fellowship at my Church, I found out that a past lover had died this week and that the cup cake that I was eating was from his funeral luncheon. They had no idea of my connection to him.

This was the past lover that had gone psycho on me and the Sheriff’s Department had recommended that I take out a restraining order on him. Every time I hear Eight-Bit music I am reminded of him.

I was introduced to him by a friend who had also died this year when he hit a deer on his motorcycle. We would go to his house out in the country and drink coffee and get up to some crazy creative stuff. Some of it was pretty good too.

I had forgiven him his issues and moved on a long time ago.

I wonder if he asked for “Tracey” in his last moments…

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