I know I was late, But Damn! I got the dogs out and got to the thrift shop and found some things. I got out and went to Peg’s, and Donna was already leaving. Ok, I can understand, She wanted to get home and get some things done. When I went into the cafe, The others scattered like a flock of scared chickens. Things have been weird around here lately with Lois glowering and making separating moves by getting between me and the others and then turning her back on me, And now this. I’m too old for a bunch of middle school crap. Another thing, I’m tired of a certain ID10T shadowing me in the clothing room like I’d steal a pathetic ≤50¢ rag!  I must really threaten these jealous, sad, lack conscious women. I hope to God that they entertain an Angel unaware, And that it’s an eye opener.

That’s it! It’s time to move up.

I was invited to hang out at the Hantho Hoarders Happy Hour (4H). It’s a group of women similar in age and temperament to me, With a funky, Artistic vibe. Strong, and independent. I can shop at Montevideo, Morris, St. Cloud, Willmar, Etc., Eat sushi, and get treated like a QUEEN. I would like to shop in Appleton, But I DON’T HAVE TO.

It’s time to take quality over quantity.