• Realize that the most important part of the work is the beginning.
  • We need to stop analyzing repeatedly.
  • Lots of our time, money and energy goes waste when we look for perfection in each task.
  • Taking tiny steps will lead us out of procrastination and nearer to achieving our goals.
  • Realize that the task to be done is to be done – their are no alternatives.
  • Self reflection will help us to determine our personality and know why we are avoiding particular task, is it simply our self defeating behavior or lack of knowledge, if so learn the task and do it.
  • Use positive words instead of negatives, as words have a color and they impact us.
  • Being confident of our information, equipment and time limit ensures that the task is done on time.
  • Making Realistic Expectations and Prioritizing on the tasks keeps us well focused on the goals.
  • Motivation and Rewards to the self help us in accomplishing the tasks efficiently.
This is how to kick it’s ass…

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