The Friday Storm

The thunder storm last night was not as intense as some we’ve had but it was fairly intense. The street threatened to flood, And the water did come up over the curb, But it didn’t get into the basement. Bobo stayed with me while Paint stayed in the back.

The thunder wasn’t so much cracking or crashing as rumbling. The sky lit up with that electric purple that cant be imitated. There was a lot of cloud to cloud lightning. Midway through the whole business showing itself quarter sized hail fell. It made a tattooing sound on the tin awnings and air conditioners. The wind drove the rain diagonally and gusted to almost horizontal at times.

I opened the front door and one of the windows. The fresh damp air felt good and smelled of pavement, rainwater, and ozone.

The rain washed the sidewalk clean, But it also washed the rosemary out of it’s pots. I had to quickly re-pot them. I did and I hope that they didn’t shock out too bad.


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