It’s been a wild assed week, And I haven’t even left home all that often!

The biggest story was The So Called Rapture. Harry Camping Put up billboards all over creation telling the world that yesterday that he and all of his pet Christians were going to be raptured up to heaven. Many of these people put up their last pennies, nickels and dimes to finance these billboards and all the other publicity!  We were all in the Para -X chat room were counting down to 1800 Hrs New Zealand time where this was supposed to start with earth quakes and peeps getting snatched up into the sky. 1800 Hrs arrived and there were no peeps rising into the air. There were quakes but they were small and not the continent flippers that were called for by Mr. Camping. We  were laughing and whooping it up. Even Ceiling Cat and Basement Bat were there laughing it up.

Coast To Coast AM even covered the reactions to the rapture flop. I was not thrilled with Mr. Punett whinging about the expected ‘Schadenfreud’ we had for people who were relishing the thought of ascending to ringside seats to watch the “Eternal damnation and torment” of the rest of us. Excuse me? If someone is anticipating my downfall and they are disappointed by the lack of same, I’m supposed to feel sorry for them?  On whose planet Mr. Punett? And what color is it Mr. Punett? What color is the sky on your planet? No, Mr. Punett, I have no sympathy for these dinks what so EVAR.

Friday we were treated to real creep show: We had an encore interview with Raylean Allen. This woman was not rowing with both oars! Her view of the world spooked us out good. She talked about Princess Diana being brought back from the dead as a nature goddess, and mind control using the most gruesome antics to blackmail the powers that be. She was talking about carving up babies and cutting women in half with chainsaws  in snuff flicks involving leaders who are drugged and hypnotized. what?!? This woman was going on and on like she was some kind of wigged out social columnist. She was totally unphased by the crap that she was pouring out into our ears! The longer I listened the tighter and tighter I was wound up. We were all wound up. We were so freaked out that we couldn’t talk about anything else for the rest of the night! My inner child had been totally slaughtered. Amazingly, I slept like a champ that night. I was so sure that I was going to wake up screaming…

The world can be a fucked up place sometimes…

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