It’s All About The Respect

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I called the DVM this morning. To have all of Paint’s and Bobo’s concerns seen to is estimated at $350.00 USD. They get Heart Guard, Frontline, Bobo is getting his ear seen to (Possible Ear mites), Puppy distemper vaccinations, Filaria testing, Other inoculations. They can be as bad as kids for medical expenses.

They eat a lamb and rice diet, They get smoked beef bones. They get ‘Scraps’ AKA a portion of dinner. No chocolate, onions, garlic, Or anything that is dangerous. and they get beef jerky and other miscellanies  .

I bought a Jeep Comanche to haul the pups out to the country to run and frolic. They go out at least every other day weather permitting.

They sleep on my bed, And have run of the house.

They get a quarterly bath, and have their own towels and brushes and combs.

I scoop the poop from the gravel driveway when the weather is too nasty to go anywhere else.

They have their city and rabies tags on proper collars, And go out on leash during town walks.

They get love and respect.

PS. There is a group of Jesus nuts that says that the world is ending Saturday. I guess I wont get raptured if the dogs don’t go. If my dogs ain’t going to heaven then I ain’t either. I’ll go where they do.

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