Work A Day

I was so tired this morning that after I took the dogs out I went back to bed. I slept until Bobo tossed enough of a fit.

I spent the day cleaning up the altar, and reorganizing the store room.  I started boxing up some extra non perishables for the Postal food drive today and that kick started me into cleaning up the storage room while I was at it. I got a lot done but I want to get more done. I may pick up more tomorrow. The studio is done, The altar room is done, The paper mess has been sorted. The laundry is done.

I took the dogs out for a run out on junk yard road.

Bobo is acting like a moron. He should not demand to go out during the wee hours unless he actually has to shit and piss. I took him out and all he did was sniff around and look at anything that made a sound. I was not amused. I brought him home and bitched him out for crying wolf.


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