Welcome Back To Chernobyl

I have been having an emotional upheaval lately. Since the earthquake in Japan leading to the Fukushima meltdown, There has been radioactive material released and carried around the world on the wind.

They have raised the event level from five to seven. They’re a bit late. Again. Cesium 137 has been found in the milk supply in Mont Pelier, Vermont to the East of us. That means that the radio active fall out has already passed over us. The local food supply is already most likely tainted. My thyroid took a hit with the Chernobyl incident. I wont be ingesting any dairy products. In fact, I’ll be eating  the food that I have saved back, and drinking the water that I have stored. It looks like I wont be harvesting any wild asparagus or morrels this year if ever. Those mother fuckers aren’t going to get a second shot at me.

Part of my emotional difficulties is the reminder that I trusted the higher ups, and I got royally hosed. I’m living with an ablated thyroid, and a distrust of any reassurances that the media is dishing out.

There were two major events that shook my view of the world: 9-11 and Chernobyl. 9-11 was immediate. Chernobyl took longer, but turned out to be more devastating.


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