Productive Day

Today I tried the trick of acting like I’m going to work. I got up at seven am, Took the dogs out and then I took a shower, and had coffee. When my hair was dry enough, I took Bobo out for a goodly walk to wear him out. That dog loves him some water! He’s a little Scorp all right. Then I came back and took a potty break, And then took both Bobo and Paint out for a goodly walk.

Then I got online to deal with email and to study. I got out to The Store and did some shopping. I found a Black Madonna of Altötting  candle and And a St. Konrad of Altötting candle. Pretty obscure. Read on:

“Our Lady of Altotting

[Our Lady of Altotting]

Located in Altotting, BavariaGermany, the octagonal chapel was constructed of native stone c.680 and survives today. Wars and pestilence and politics have caused the area to change hands several times, but the chapel has always survived. The small image of Our Lady was carved of lime wood c.1330, its surface blackened by age, the uncounted thousands of candles burned near it, and a fire in 907 that threatened to destroy it. 

In 1489drowned child returned to life after being prayerfully placed before a this image of Mary. Many miracles and cures have since been attributed to Our Lady of Altotting’s intercession, and the area is known as the “Lourdes of Germany“.

The small chapel has been a site for pilgrimage for over 500 years. Saint Conrad of Parzham served as chapel doorkeeper for over 30 years, and Pope John Paul II visited in 1980. It is one of the richest shrines in Europewith a immense store of treasure donated by pilgrims through the centuries; these items are not on display, but the crutches and other evidence of healings are there for all to see.


Got another shelf. Got a furby to circuit bend. Got some plain red candles. And I got a Schrade “OldTimer” skinning knife

and a Finnish puukko for boning and filleting. It’s a vintage 11″ J Marttiini Rapala in great shape.

My credit is eaten up, But I got good value out of it.

Then I got the dogs loaded onto the truck and took off to get the mail. Nothing really yummy there. I took the dogs out to the road that runs past Kelm’s junk yard to run their little puppy butts off. I almost got stuck but I worked my way out of it. Went and got the pups a treat.

I studied some more. That’ll get covered in the other blog.

Took a siesta. Had a strange dream that that diesel truck from the previous dream was parking in front of the house. It was beat up and looked like it was settling in without being a threat.

I Got up and took the dogs back to the river to do their business. Now I’m just fucking off. Listening to Lionel Fanthorpe on Coast To Coast AM and finishing off a pork chop. It worked out pretty well.


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