Haters Are Welcome

I own a rifle and a shot gun for hunting. I also fish. That means that while others may not have access to food, This woman will eat.

I also have a couple of pistols. These firearms never leave the premises, and are hidden. I don’t have children so the argument of child endangerment is a nonstarter. I also have a cross bow pistol, several styles of whips, CS/CR spray, and a dog. I’m not limited in my self defense by gun laws.

Now here is the thing: I will call my local police department first, While  retreating to the interior of my home. If anyone is stupid enough to follow me to the far reaches of my home will find the entry fee to be steep indeed. I will be tried by a jury of my peers, instead of carried out feet first by a half dozed pall bearers.

I am no stranger to the safe handling and usage of firearms. I had extensive training courtesy of my government via the US Army. Thankfully I never had to use that training, And I hope that I never will.

The United States of America is not monolithic. We don’t all look or think the same. The world’s experience of us is sadly due to the considerable noise made by very vocal minorities. While I’m embarrassed by some of the hate spew, I’m still proud of the fact that I helped with the task of providing freedom of speech/opinion to all, Even to hateful morons. The theory being that denying free speech to one endangers the free speech of all.


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