Good Luck Daisey

About this time two years ago, I was heading home from Walmart with Paint in my car. I spotted a young homeless man and his dog alongside the road. It was very very cold. He was bundled up and the dog had a blanket tied around her neck like a cape to keep her warm.

I pullled up to where he was standing, And I gave him a little money while urging him to seek warmth. The dog was a pretty brown mixed breed of about medium size. She kept barking and he called her Daisy and told her to be quiet.

I drove off to the sound of him calling out thanks and wishing me a Merry Christmas.

I went back later with a bag of milk bones for her, But they had gone. Hopefully they got to shelter and food and safety, and warmth.

What broke my heart in all of this is that this beautiful dog was so distrusting and so protective of her human. They were both making it the best way they could in a shitty world.

Where ever the two of you are tonight, I hope you are safe and warm and fed.

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