I helped out a friend which assed me all up so I have to forgo an art class. I even told them to still give the tuition to the teacher instead of refunding it. I look into my email and this was in an Astrology email I subscribe to:

Your rock-star attitude may be getting a bit old now, Libra. People aren’t going to continue to listen to your demands for attention. Every person in the world is special, so try not to act as if you’re the only one who is. Help a child assemble a new toy today or help a friend pick out a new shirt. Do something for others instead of always expecting things for yourself.

Reply: What the hell do you have against Libras?!? I resent the ‘tude. I missed an art class today helping out a friend. Get off that high horse before you get shot out of the saddle!

I may just unsub from this one. I had on my big girl panties, And I was dealing with my decision. Then I read this and my resentment boiled up like a big poison toad.

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