Things Change Ad Infinitum

One year ago, I had no access to a debit card, Or a cell phone with a qwerty keyboard. I didn’t have a four wheel drive vehicle.

Five years ago, I was computer illiterate with no access to the internet. I only had a High School education.

Ten years ago, I couldn’t afford a cell phone. I could barely afford a car, and an apartment.

Twelve years ago, I didn’t have a decent radio to listen to overnight AM talk shows.

Twenty seven years ago, I was a High School drop out.

Thirty one years ago, I was little better than a slave.

Whether The Big Appleton, Or Appleton, It’s all the same. Do it for it’s own sake, And You will do it well. I feel good about myself now and I will feel better.

There is no arriving, Just the journey…

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