Monthly Expense (I’m Worth It)

Rent – $690.00 Utilities – $200.00 Media – $ – $170.00 Water – $70.00 Gym – $30.00 +/_ 1210 Per Month

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As I sit here in total darkness at 6:45 PM watching the snow flurries, I consider the strangeness that is my life. This morning in fellowship at my Church, I found out that a past lover had died this week and that the cup cake that I was eating was from his funeral luncheon. They […]

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“to be small, quirky, unique, ferociously independent and still be able to survive”

From high atop beautiful downtown Appleton, In the darkest hours with two dogs, a snake, a cat, some sea monkeys, a computer, and a radio for company.

I am an artist. I am a silver smith, but I will also engage in other art pursuits as well

Since my retirement my life is my own.

Art and learning is a major part of that life

as is embracing my inner child AKA The Little Bad Ass.

I do however, Choose to share it with my soul mate Paint:

She is my wing man. She is my best friend.

And then there is Bobo, Her sidekick:

The Adorable Miss Bouhaki

The Formidable Zombi

The sea monkeys are too tiny for a good pic…

Anyone who wants to be part of my life and can fit in after the wild kingdom and I are welcome…